Mike’s Feed and Pets

710 East 14th Street San Leandro 94577

(510) 638-2005


In the meantime, here’s what our customers have to say:


I love this place!  I have been going to Mike's since about 2000 for good quality dog food and pet supplies.  My daughter and I love to just look at all the stuff they have for pets. . .   And now we've been introduced to the world of chickens through Mikes!


I've been a fourth generation of Mike's ever since i was a young child. Mike's Feed and Pets was the place i grew up. My great grandmother bought her birds from here. My grandfather bought finches canaries even a parakeet from here. My mother raised birds and bought bird feed and toys from here. My father purchased fish for years from Mike's. When my dad bought our cat from a shelter, Mike's Feed and Pets helped us choose which collar would fit, what water bowl. etc. I've come mostly for their fish.


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