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Mike’s Feed & Pets is hiring sales associates and a reptile expert! All the details are in our new Craigslist ad:…/san…/7245076539.html


  1. Gregory Kasin

    To whom it may concern;

    Today my neighbor stole my rooster and gave him back to you guys. The thing is that it wasn’t his property to give back to you, I live on a ranch with him but he is not the owner of the property and where I live the landlord loves the rooster (I think it’s called a Antwerp Belgian Bantam). I can provide receipts from when I purchased the rooster and a letter from the landlord saying he approves if needed. It was a small bantam breed chicken and I want him back. DO NOT SELL MY ROOSTER! If you already sold him we need to figure out away to get him back. I appreciate your help with returning my stolen property.


    • Mike's Feed & Pets

      We get a lot of roosters. You better call the store directly for fast info. There will be a delay if you communicate through this blog thread.

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